Get Lolla Ready

Lollapalooza is this week, so I wanted to share some inspiration images from the best festival goers to help you prepare for your outfit. We know it takes some well thought out planning to pull off that effortless festival look (hehe). I’m really into keeping it simple this year with denim cut-offs and a bodysuit like Bella’s look. Want to know what I’ll be wearing Thursday? Follow on Insta- de_sylvester and catch who I’ll be seeing on Snap- desylvester! xo- De


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The Jacket Trend Everyone is Wearing

It’s the cool AF jacket we all want. The bomber jacket has been seen everywhere (especially on Gigi and Kendall). Another 90s/early 2000s throwback trend that has come back. If you remember Baby Phat, then you for sure had one. Designers have been adding in the bomber to their new collections, and it was seen all over street style goers during fashion weeks. This must have spring trend adds an instant cool girl vibe to your look. Shop simple satin or print bombers below! -De


Get the look:

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Choker DIY

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Since the choker necklace is a big jewelry trend right now, I wanted to show you guys a DIY on how to make a simple black choker just in time for your nye outfit. Check out the steps below!

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Materials you need– fabric, scissors, sewing tools (sewing machine), pins, snaps, tool for snaps, and optional embellishment (metal chain and jump rings).

Step 1: Cut two pieces of fabric (same size) making sure they are long enough to fit around your neck. Pin the two right sides together. Sew along pins and cut access fabric off.

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Step 2: Once the access fabric around the edges is cut off, turn your fabric right side out. This step takes a little time because the fabric is narrow, but keep pulling it through. Next, press (iron) the fabric so it is completely flat. After pressing I sewed each end closed.

Step 3: Next is adding the snaps on. I watched a youtube video that was really helpful, which I suggest you do because it’s a little hard to explain via images.

Step 4: After you set the pointed side of the snap through, you attach the other end over the top and press together with your snap tool. Next, add the other end of the snap doing the same thing.

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Step 5: After setting both sides of your snaps, test it out and make sure the snaps are on tight and not loose, so they don’t fall off (I had to press them on a couple of times to make sure they stay). You’re done!

Optional step: I also bought a metal diamond chain to add along the bottom of the choker. Just poke a hole through the area where you want it to hang and put the jump ring through the hole attaching the chain.

Hope you guys found this DIY useful! Comment below if you have any questions! -De

The Necklace Everyone (Gigi) Is Wearing

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So what do these three images have in common besides Gigi Hadid and her amazing style? Obviously that cool choker adding a sexy touch that completes each look. The choker is a big trend right now on celebrities, and I’m sure you’ve seen the black choker on many fashion bloggers. A simple DIY on how to make a black fabric choker is coming to the blog soon! In the mean time, shop the gorg chokers below! -De

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